Ignite Cheyenne 1 Speakers!

Hello everyone.

We are pleased to announce the Speakers for Ignite Cheyenne!

In no particular order, here are the speakers for the first Ignite Cheyenne, and the titles of their talks:

  1. Nick Armstrong – “So You Wanna Make People Think?”
  2. Caleb Blomberg – “Music for Youth”
  3. Steve Sears – Free Hug Friday T-Shirts
  4. Scott Mattson – “ConReFed”
  5. Anna Nowak – Title TBA
  6. Jeff Fruhwirth – Curiosities in Wyoming Geology
  7. Anthony Sara – It’s not a Spectator Sport, Participate!
  8. Wendy Madsen – Healthy Skepticism or Toxic Cynicism?
  9. Andy Aldrich – Rocket Stoves for Carbon Maggots

This may or may not be everyone, we are working on adding people.  If you’re interested, drop us a line!  We will have 3 speakers before the break, and three speakers after the break.  All told, the Event will probably take 2.5 hours, including the mingling hour before (and after, if interested) the talks.

We will see you October 5 at 6pm at the Plains Hotel in Downtown Cheyenne!

If you have not gotten your tickets, you can get them free here

You can find us on Facebook or Twitter as well.

We will see you there.

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