Ignite Cheyenne 1 recap

Well, Ignite Cheyenne 1 is in the books! First, we would like to thank all those who were able to attend.  Without you, it would just be the 3 of us standing in front of a blank projector screen and probably looking pretty dopey.  We would also like to thank the speakers who made the night fun and enlightening.  In case you forgot who they were, here they are again:

  1. Nick Armstrong
  2. Steve Sears
  3. Jeff Fruhwirth
  4. Caleb Blomberg
  5. Wendy Madsen
  6. Scott Mattson
  7. Andy Aldrich

Unfortunately, one of our speakers had a problem come up last minute and was unable to attend.  We have talked to him and have decided to save his for Ignite Cheyenne 2. If you are interested in joining Anthony Sara as a speaker, let us know!

Finally, if it wasn’t for our sponsor, we probably would have been out in a parking lot somewhere hanging a sheet on an old building and trying to scream over traffic.
Thanks to LCCC for sponsoring our event.

Laramie County Community College

We took videos of all the Ignite Cheyenne talks, which we will post on our Youtube page.  They will be up by the end of the week.   If you missed out or were unable to attend, you can re-live all the action there!

Unfortunately, we didnt get pictures of everyone, but we did get a few.  Thanks to Nick Armstrong for taking these shots.

Steve Sears Speaking at Ignite Cheyenne

Andy Aldrich Speaking at Ignite Cheyenne

Wendy Madsen Speaking at Ignite Cheyenne 1

Scott Mattson Speaking at Ignite Cheyenne 1

Jeff Fruhwirth Speaking at Ignite Cheyenne

Once again, thank you all for coming, and we look forward to seeing you next time. Don’t forget to bring some friends!

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